What clients need to consider when commissioning a website  

When requesting a website, there are numerous factors that require consideration for its creation. It is important to communicate your specification to the designers and developers, to avoid incurring any additional charges and maximise time productivity. Websites can take weeks to build, so ensure you clarify your prerequisites during your consultation. Together, clients and the design team process can transform […]

Photography Interview with Conor McCabe  

  Q: How did you become involved in photography?   A: I started off my career in photography in Whitespace Publishing Group Limited based in Dublin. My job role was to supply business and editorial photography to their newspaper supplements and business magazines.   Q: What advice would you give to someone whose interested in starting web and print photography? […]

Cutler and Gross  

Digital Mosaic administrate the newsletters and on-line marketing of the renowned optics company, Cutler and Gross. Fortunately, we saw eye to eye! ;o)

ETS Website  

  Digital Mosaic present their re-vamped website for ETS-Electromagnetic Testing Services company. Luckily our director’s cybernetic leg slipped under their radar. ;o)

Website Design Tips  

Optimise your images by creating web ready files, to increase the speed of downloading pages. Do not use flashing graphics, as statistics show that the majority of people are annoyed by them. Plan your grid thoroughly. Popular websites usually implement the standard 3 column layout, with the “golden ratio” proving most successful. Consider the relationship between your content and white […]

White Space  

White space is commonly regarded as negative space. Deriving from graphic design practice where white paper is often used during the printing process, it is the space on the page between markings and other formatting techniques such as text, margins, gutters, columns, figures and illustrations etc. It is important not to refer to white space as ‘blank’ as it creates […]

Colour in Web Design  

As design is an inherent part of website aesthetics, the use of colour is momentous to its presentation. More than 80% of visual information is related to chroma. Web designers should consider the psychological effect that their chosen shades have on the target audience and if it supports the conveyed message of the represented organisation. Some colours evoke emotional responses, […]