Bitnami App on Google Cloud (Debian) Enable PHP Short Tags  

Where do you start in the case that you have uploaded a custom theme to a Bitnami application (hosted on Google Cloud) and you have a fatal error that you cannot identify? The error logs might be a good idea however these reveal nothing. The only clue is a completely blank/white page. Does your theme use php short tags?  <? instead […]

PHP Frameworks – Laravell V’s Zend  

In computer programming, frameworks are software based abstractions that supply functionality for developers to add user-written code if required and provide application specific software. However there are different types of frameworks that are analogous with various coding languages. PHP, originally an acronym for Personal Homepage that evolved to Hypertext Preprocessor, is a coding language that has many different frameworks – including […]

Digital Mosaic 5th Birthday  

We are excited to share our 5th birthday celebration with you all. To mark this special occasion, Digital Mosaic invite you to test your gaming skills by playing our new creation that is packed with entertainment value. A worthy winner would say it’s a piece of cake! ;o)

The Different Roles Of Web Developers And Web Designers  

The distinction between web design and web development is determined by two different roles in the construction of websites. Design revolves around the aesthetics of a website whilst development deals with the coding, to ensure functionality and accessibility. Sometimes there are individuals who are able to do both however, the majority in the digital industry who may know aspects of […]

Kraft Foods  

Digital Mosaic designed and developed the website for Kraft Foods to enhance their recruitment strategy, whilst creating a visual feast. Sadly, the position for food-tasting was not an option. ;o)

PHP Image Resizing Function  

As speed is paramount to website efficiency, image re-sizing is a useful function for generating cached versions of images. The following allows you to define:- The source file (realpath) A destination filename (realpath) Maximum width (pixels) Maximum height (pixels) It maintains the aspect ratio and automatically calibrates how to scale down high resolution images to the desired proportion.   public […]