Digital Mosaic 5th Birthday  

We are excited to share our 5th birthday celebration with you all. To mark this special occasion, Digital Mosaic invite you to test your gaming skills by playing our new creation that is packed with entertainment value. A worthy winner would say it’s a piece of cake! ;o)

Photo Competition Winner  

Congratulations to the winner of Digital Mosaic’s photo competition-MANOLIS CHARALAMPOUS for the staggering amount of votes he acquired. He will be the proud owner of his masterpiece printed on canvas. Many thanks to all of the others who entered-we had some great pictures!

Photo Competition 2011  

Digital Mosaic (DM) is offering you the opportunity to showcase your creativity by entering our photography competition! All you have to do is submit the best picture you have that demonstrates your photographic skills. The winner will not only be featured in our website news, they will also become the proud owner of their artistic contribution printed on canvas. Protocol […]