Airbus Self-Assessment Questionnaire  

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s an Airbus! Just when you thought that the Airbus Programme Matcher couldn’t get any better, we created an online self assessment questionnaire for potential employees to undertake. If you don’t get to navigate an aeroplane, at least you get to navigate through their virtual survey. “The Wright Brothers created the […]

Kraft Foods  

Digital Mosaic designed and developed the website for Kraft Foods to enhance their recruitment strategy, whilst creating a visual feast. Sadly, the position for food-tasting was not an option. ;o)

Airbus Programme Matcher  

Reach new heights with Airbus Programme Matcher: I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I think about it every night and day I spread my Airbus wings and fly away…

HTML5 Videos  

HTML5 video is a movie and video playing element within HTML5, somewhat replacing the object element. This is due to the on-going evolution of support for the video element. As such a standard way has been adopted, to embed video into a web page. Prior to this, the majority of on-line videos had been channelled via third party plug-ins. Flash […]

Amber Lounge  

We have just completed the New Amber Lounge website. One of the world’s most exclusive parties attended by F1 drivers, and a range of celebrity guests it is considered the Ultimate VIP nightspot at select Grand Prix destinations around the world. “Amber Lounge was the only place to celebrate my Monaco Grand Prix win; and what a party!”Lewis Hamilton, McLaren […]