How Has The Web Changed Business Positively?  

  Over the years, the World Wide Web has become the most desirable tool in the work environment, changing the way business is practised. It connects others with ease instantaneously, in ways that include accessibility and cost effectiveness. The web has not only revolutionised business but also homes, education services, libraries, internet cafes, hotels, hospitals, banks, the entertainment industries, the […]

The Different Roles Of Web Developers And Web Designers  

The distinction between web design and web development is determined by two different roles in the construction of websites. Design revolves around the aesthetics of a website whilst development deals with the coding, to ensure functionality and accessibility. Sometimes there are individuals who are able to do both however, the majority in the digital industry who may know aspects of […]

Pure Collections  

We have developed the style guide for Pure Collections, by enhancing it with the functionality of a utilitarian website. This has transformed the accessibility of fashion, offering browsers a direct option to buy products without searching endlessly. Additionally, it offers the service of creating an ensemble of your chosen outfits. Pure Collections has become pure genius in the ecommerce sense! […]

Golden Ratio in Web Design  

The Golden Ratio otherwise known as the divine proportion, is a calculation for perfection creating symmetry in maths and art etc. It is often represented by the Greek letter F (Phi), which is an abbreviation for the mean of Phidias (an Ancient Greek sculptor, painter and architect that applied this equation to his work, most notably the Parthenon). The mathematical […]

Zelusi – Magento eCommerce Website  

Digital Mosaic unveil their latest website creation for Zelusi using Magento-the leading ecommerce software currently on the market. Optimising our well being with these health supplements, would make Popeye proud.