LGR London Greek Radio 103.3 fm App  

We created the new LGR app (London Greek Radio 103.3 fm) to keep in line with their updated branding we designed for their website, several print projects and logo. This is also unified with their social media feeds. Now the Greek community’s number one music station has moved with the times and is available on iPhones and iPads. From airwaves […]

How Has The Web Changed Business Positively?  

  Over the years, the World Wide Web has become the most desirable tool in the work environment, changing the way business is practised. It connects others with ease instantaneously, in ways that include accessibility and cost effectiveness. The web has not only revolutionised business but also homes, education services, libraries, internet cafes, hotels, hospitals, banks, the entertainment industries, the […]

What clients need to consider when commissioning a website  

When requesting a website, there are numerous factors that require consideration for its creation. It is important to communicate your specification to the designers and developers, to avoid incurring any additional charges and maximise time productivity. Websites can take weeks to build, so ensure you clarify your prerequisites during your consultation. Together, clients and the design team process can transform […]

Pizza Express Yourself Rebrand  

Incorporating a fun and practical online recruitment service for Pizza Express, we created a website that fits within their brand guidelines. Therefore, since they say “a leopard never changes it’s spots”, we stuck to stripes, as Zebras do not have that reputation. ;o)

Soccerscout USA  

Digital Mosaic launched the Soccerscout USA website to further the careers of nationwide footballers in the States. We tried out for the team but took the dribbling too far, when we spotted the manager eating biscuits from the sidelines. ;o)

White Space  

White space is commonly regarded as negative space. Deriving from graphic design practice where white paper is often used during the printing process, it is the space on the page between markings and other formatting techniques such as text, margins, gutters, columns, figures and illustrations etc. It is important not to refer to white space as ‘blank’ as it creates […]

Secret Santa  

Organising a secret santa this year? Here is a really simple website which gives you the option of leaving hints so you’re not left with an unwanted present! Check it out & feel free to share! https://www.digital-mosaic.co.uk/secret-santa/


Ocean Restaurant Branded  

A new  take on the traditional fish and chip restaurant is opening and we have branded it up to give a contemporary and classy feel. Yipeee free fish and chips for Digital Mosaic! Show me more…