Design Services


Client focused, Digital Mosaic works to create bespoke design solutions. We aim to impress you with the functionality and aesthetics of your site. We are happy to offer our expertise to find the best solution for you and to turn your specific design brief into reality.



It is of vital importance that your brand represents the core values of your business. It is what sets you apart from your competitors, strongly influences your audience and enhances your public profile. We evaluate where you currently are in the market place, your audience and where you aim to be in order to successfully place you there. Our intention is to develop a brand that is memorable and instantly recognisable. We can work with you to create your logo, tone of voice, photography, stationary and overall corporate identity. Whether you want to refresh, strengthen your existing brand or recreate it anew, our knowledge and expertise can guide you in the right direction.



With any printed marketing material it is essential to consider your message and how to engage your audience most effectively, encouraging them to take action. With our wealth of experience in layout and design, we have the knowledge to create printed material that is memorable, comprehensive and aims to successfully increase awareness of your business. Our work includes flyers, posters, leaflets, brochures, product labels and folders to advertise your company via versatile methods.



The quality of design and print of magazines can strongly determine the success of such publications. It is imperative to consider the content layout to immerse your audience. Images and typography create an emotive experience which encourages the loyalty and trust of readers. We strive to produce magazines that connect with your target market. Additionally our services include illustrations.



First impressions in business are crucial and as such, having memorable, quality business cards is highly important. Additionally, a consistent brand image throughout your stationery reinforcing your companies values, is also paramount. It demonstrates professionalism and that your company has a clear direction for both existing and potential clients. All of which is taken into consideration when designing your business stationery, including the materials and print methods that enhance your brand in the form of letterheads, envelopes, compliment slips, business cards and invoices.



Art direction guides all of the services that we offer. Utilising our experience in design and brand communication, we strive to create striking and memorable products. We strategically implement your brief to successfully convey your intended message and distinguish your identity.