Waldorf Astoria Magazine

The Wardorf Astoria offers the highest standards of facilities and service and is the flagship brand within Hilton Hotels portfolio. We were commissioned to build the Waldorf Astoria Magazine website to serve affluent travellers. 

Focussing on Luxury, the website was created to echo a luxurious feel.  With a clean, bright and elegant interface, subtle hover effects and eye catching  imagery, users are allured in perusing the site in a relaxed fashion. 

Each page resembles a digital magazine and the familiarity between the online version and the physical editorial’s enables users to read with ease. To add to the feel of luxuriousness, images within each story delicately load with a soft fade and zoom on scroll. This soft dynamic loading across the site enhances the user experience  also encouraging readers to browse for longer periods of time. 

The Waldorf Astoria Magazine website has been well received by its audience and continues to play and integral role in providing desired editorials to its dedicated 500 visitors per week. 

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