Swalcliffe Park

Life with autism at home and school can be very challenging. Swalcliffe is a specialist school that is rated Outstanding by Ofsted. They use an alternate approach in teaching that helps to determine students obstacles and ambitions which helps to improve school strategies. Swalcliffe School works with students and their families to ensure that they receive the best support and guidance through their educational years. At Swalcliffe they strongly believe that ‘Different Thinking’ is essential to ensure a brighter future for their students.

We wanted to create a website with minimal (UI) User Interface so that guests could comfortably and efficiently research the plethora of information available to them.

The rounded font enables the display of comprehensive information in a friendly and uncomplicated manner. For an authentic feel of the school, imagery utilised across the site is personable and display’s real students and their families during lessons, events and activities at the school. Relevant links are also accessible from the bottom of the pages to assist users thought process and navigation through the site. The menu loads following an initial scroll of the homage parallax which reinforces their unique way of thinking and performing tasks.

Overall the website provides families with a wealth of information and a comprehensive guide of the schools values in a clean, personal unique and friendly manner. It also successfully showcases their achievements and recognitions.

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