Protein Fuel Up

Protein Fuel Up is an e-commerce project launched to supply and distribute protein enriched products in the food market. The e-store provides protein powders, snacks, vegan, organic, raw, gluten free and staple foods that are part of a nutritious diet. The brand supports the optimisation of your physical well being by combining health conscious foods with athletic acumen and as such, developed the tag line ‘fuel your machine’. These supplements and sustenance for your body are available online via their website, which we created with parallax scrolling, user friendly navigation and eye catching content.


We utilised imagery based on bold colours depicting different energies including blue for calm reassurance, red for passion, green for connecting with nature and opulent purple for the indulgent section. The logo incorporates keywords ‘protein’ and ‘fuel up’ with directional symbolism and suggestive colours, such as black for professionalism and green for vitality, encapsulated in a bold font representing strength, power and confidence. Additionally the site integrates social media, promoting PFU’s services via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The simplicity of this clean site makes it more engaging for users.

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