JSM Group

JSM deliver a significant number of infrastructure projects for industry leading energy and communications companies across the UK. Benefiting from sustainable year on year growth and financial stability JSM continue to successfully expand their business.

Digital Mosaic was entrusted to modernise the company website with the focus on telling their story and showcasing their portfolio of work.

The website was designed and created as a mobile first responsive site.

Utilising JSM action photographs as background images on each page enables visitors to understand JSM’s company ethos at first glance.

One of our key mandates was to minimise the display of lengthy content which we achieved by separating content into block sections with expandable text areas which made navigation and reading much easier for the user.

An interactive timeline was also incorporated to display how much JSM has expanded since being founded in 1998.

The addition of a filter for their cases studies allows users to quickly narrow the search criteria by either a service or technologies utilised.

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