Website Trends 2015: Awakening Tech  

As the use of technology online becomes more prevalent, so does human dependency on the digital world. Strategic web designers aim to inspire and engage users with their creations. There are so many emerging technologies and one example is adapting for virtual reality head-mounted display, such as Oculus Rift. This invention creates an intuitive user experience with real time tracking movement of the head. Not only are we encountering a digital awakening with tech gadgets we are also witnessing a participation in the evolution of cyberspace, as digital art crosses over a variety of innovative platforms. The technological advancements of the digital universe impacting creative practitioners such as designers and developers, reminds them to envision and apply cutting edge techniques for their craft. Phygital design is the merging of virtual technology with the physical world. This is evident in the expansion of brand communication via interactive devices, transforming concepts into 3 dimensional palpable representations. These augmented realities bridge the gap between brand and consumer to connect physical and digital spaces. Subsequently in all areas of life where scientific breakthroughs shape our digital interaction, a more newfangled approach is required rather than standard interface design.


awakening tech


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