Secret Santa  

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Here at Digital Mosaic, we are excited to launch the new version of our Secret Santa website. It has been designed and developed to make your Christmas shopping easier and fun, by enabling users to create their own gift lists. Unlike other similar sites, it is unique in allowing you to suggest the presents that you would like to receive. This online Secret Santa generator is not only efficient and user friendly but also free! Therefore, give it a go and recommend it to your contacts too.

The simplicity of this tool provides participants with an organised approach to purchasing and exchanging presents in the spirit of Christmas. A co-ordinator can use this system to enter the names and email addresses of associates. Additionally it also allows users to allocate a budget and select the date in calendar settings for the scheduled party. A random draw occurs to distribute pairings of givers and receivers.

The element of mystery and surprise is maintained in the probability of who is chosen as your Secret Santa. Such lists can be designated to work colleagues, family, friends or any acquaintances, to meet your seasonal holiday requirements. Follow our seven straightforward steps that explain the process of this festive service.

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