Website Trends 2015: Awakening Tech  

As the use of technology online becomes more prevalent, so does human dependency on the digital world. Strategic web designers aim to inspire and engage users with their creations. There are so many emerging technologies and one example is adapting for virtual reality head-mounted display, such as Oculus Rift. This invention creates an intuitive user experience with real time tracking movement […]

Visible ICU  

Our recruitment website for Visible ICU (Intensive Care Unit) or in our case (Informing Computer Users), has put us on the map for job hunting sites in the medical industry. We transform the invisible in to the visible and enable the entries of applicants, who are specially selected to invigorate the National Health. We start by healing digital media with […]

The Harley Street Clinic  

Having developed the recruitment website for Harley St Clinic, we not only upheld its reputation for sourcing the best staff but also created online success in the face of medical history. The Nobel Peace Prize is one thing but the Nobel Pixel Prize is another! ;o)

London Greek Radio  

We re-designed and developed London Greek Radio 103.3 (LGR’s) new website, invigorating it with a contemporary and hi-tech interface. If the Gods of Olympus tuned in, Apollo would be proud of their contribution to music and the Greek community. This calls for a celebration…kebabs! ;o)

The Portland Hospital  

Q. How does a hospital maintain its reputation for having the highest standards in the health care industry? A. Through its staff. Q. How does it source the best staff? A. Via a unique filtering system on their website, designed to recruit the most suitable doctors and nurses for the jobs. Q. Who created this website? A. We did because […]

Stuck for Staff  

Having designed and developed the recruitment website for Stuck For Staff, potential employees have never found greater hope since Pandora’s Box. The bright colours combined with live feed on the site and vocational opportunities, diminish the dreariness of job hunting.


LondonVIPClubs provide access to the best London clubs with exclusive table reservations and guest list admission. We designed their website to show a good night out starts with a great online service. Finally you will be able to walk in to a bar without saying “Ouch!” ;o)

Pizza Express Yourself Rebrand  

Incorporating a fun and practical online recruitment service for Pizza Express, we created a website that fits within their brand guidelines. Therefore, since they say “a leopard never changes it’s spots”, we stuck to stripes, as Zebras do not have that reputation. ;o)

Airbus Self-Assessment Questionnaire  

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s an Airbus! Just when you thought that the Airbus Programme Matcher couldn’t get any better, we created an online self assessment questionnaire for potential employees to undertake. If you don’t get to navigate an aeroplane, at least you get to navigate through their virtual survey. “The Wright Brothers created the […]