Bitnami App on Google Cloud (Debian) Enable PHP Short Tags  

Where do you start in the case that you have uploaded a custom theme to a Bitnami application (hosted on Google Cloud) and you have a fatal error that you cannot identify? The error logs might be a good idea however these reveal nothing. The only clue is a completely blank/white page. Does your theme use php short tags?  <? instead […]

How to manage services with Bitnami apps on Google Cloud (Debian)  

Run the follow commands in your SSH terminal to manage your services in a Bitnami/Google Cloud (Debian) environment:   Start sudo /opt/bitnami/ start apache Stop sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop apache Restart sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache

Set Bitnami App Domain  

The below snippet will allow you to set the URL for your Bitnami application. Using your SSH terminal, change the domain on the end of the snippet to what you require. sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig –machine_hostname

Remove Bitnami Banner  

Easily remove the Bitnami banner by executing the following code in your SSH terminal. sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig –disable_banner 1

PHP Frameworks – Laravell V’s Zend  

In computer programming, frameworks are software based abstractions that supply functionality for developers to add user-written code if required and provide application specific software. However there are different types of frameworks that are analogous with various coding languages. PHP, originally an acronym for Personal Homepage that evolved to Hypertext Preprocessor, is a coding language that has many different frameworks – including […]

Fontastic Typefaces  

The work of graphic designers often requires the use of fonts. These typefaces not only combine artistry with legibility but also convey meaning behind messages that are not just image based. A free service that provides an abundance of these fonts includes Google Fonts, with a selection of 650 different font families. However, not all fonts complement each other and […]

Website Trends 2015: Super Synaesthesia  

Digital art is becoming more stimulating by appealing to all the senses. The personification of concepts ascribe emotional attributes to inanimate products or brands, in an endless stream of possibilities that enhances their visual entertainment factor. Human computer interfacing is now evolving to incorporate all of the senses by manifesting a playground design for mega dataflow, a fully immersive experience […]

Website Trends 2015: Polarity Paradox  

One neoteric direction of graphic design is to encompass a variety of extremes catering for all tastes and options, enabling consumers to oscillate from one end of the spectrum to the other. Web design that reflects this offers products and services that explore the opposites within duality, hence the paradoxical nature of polarities. Online digital split personalities have been coined […]

Website Trends 2015: Social Media and the Self  

Social media influences opinions and interactions forming a digital portrait of your character, yet only revealing a fragment of your personality via the internet where privacy is less protected than desired. Over time, computer systems store your personal data via automatic learning algorithms that record your search patterns and interests accessed on your personal digital devices, which carries the risk […]

Website Trends 2015: Awakening Tech  

As the use of technology online becomes more prevalent, so does human dependency on the digital world. Strategic web designers aim to inspire and engage users with their creations. There are so many emerging technologies and one example is adapting for virtual reality head-mounted display, such as Oculus Rift. This invention creates an intuitive user experience with real time tracking movement […]