London Greek Radio




London Greek Radio 103.3 fm (LGR) is a music station that has been established since 1989, providing the airwaves with foreign songs predominantly within the Greek community. As a platform for showcasing international artists, this radio station also organises live events including concerts, celebrity interviews and appearances. In addition to contributing to the London music scene, LGR promotes Greek nights with credible deejays and other themed occasions. Also their advertising includes competition offers and business news, keeping their audience informed.



  • Identify a solution for each element and develop a strategic partnership.
  • Rebrand and overhaul their website.
  • To design a matching app.
  • To create promotional material for live events.
  • To boost their SEO.




Digital Mosaic was commissioned to update London Greek Radio’s branding, website, phone application and event graphics. The long standing London based radio station, famously representing the Greek community on 103.3 fm, required a company to oversee and supervise every facet of its business. Having looked at all their requirements, we were able to deliver an overall package including tickets, posters and promotional artwork for events. Additionally we gave their website an overhaul and created iOS and Android applications to complement it. We enhanced their social media graphics and provided website analytic reports.

Having revamped their website, there was an increase in traffic and enhanced accessibility via user friendly navigation. With more streamlined and aesthetic graphics, visibility of the top music charts was heightened. We also updated their social media platforms, particularly Twitter and Instagram, which modernised their site. Moreover, Digital Mosaic created a feature area for promoting events, to monetise LGR’s website through subtle yet prominent advertising. Overall, we updated their image to broaden their appeal for the younger generation, as well as their average mature audience.