Kennedy’s Restaurant




The brand name Kennedy’s, was established 150 years ago as a delicatessen butcher’s. Over time, the theme of traditional British food branched out from sausages to include fish and chips, amongst other dishes in their multi-culinary cuisine. Situated in the heart of London with two locations, diners can have a palatable experience on the premises or via takeaway.



  • Modernise the site.
  • Make it easy to use regarding the menu, booking reservations and finding both locations.
  • Upgrade menu to include niche dietary requirements.
  • Set up social media channels.
  • Highlight historical connection.
  • Photography.
  • Copywriting services.


Initial Concept:


The client requested an overhaul of their existing website and the introduction of a customised menu based on a filtering system.




We at Digital Mosaic, provided a facelift for the website’s aesthetics through our photographic services. Also the typographical presentation, overall design and newly featured functions created a contemporary look. The user friendly navigation was enhanced via parallax scrolling and content that was balanced between imagery and written information. Additionally we ensured that Kennedy’s Restaurant was represented to cater for various dietary requirements via the implementation of an upgraded menu with filters. This bespoke process of selecting foods to avoid allergies and so forth, steered them in the direction of undertaking a more health conscious approach.

Furthermore, we brought their site up to date to be fully responsive and deliver an engaging user experience for mobile devices. Moreover, we included mentioning the historical background of one location and its connection to a famous figure, as revived by a recent bestselling novel. We developed a website that was easy to use particularly with reservation bookings and a hybrid map made available of the location. This resulted in an online site that transformed a standard website into a clean, streamlined and efficient digital platform that enticed many customers.