Website Trends 2015: Super Synaesthesia  

Digital art is becoming more stimulating by appealing to all the senses. The personification of concepts ascribe emotional attributes to inanimate products or brands, in an endless stream of possibilities that enhances their visual entertainment factor. Human computer interfacing is now evolving to incorporate all of the senses by manifesting a playground design for mega dataflow, a fully immersive experience and constructivism. Designing for this trend almost enables extra brain rewiring of the senses by producing a synaesthetic experience for users between their auditory and visual systems.

Different abstract forms inspire the creative process of association, based on metaphors combining varied experiences with different senses.  Synesthete graphic designers marry the concept of chromaphonia (colour and sound) and grapheme (colour characteristics). Colour connections with letters, words and numbers epitomise this web trend, creating an awareness between good and bad visuals, in juxtaposition to harmonious ones. These feelings translate the logical ordering of design based on synesthetic intuition within digital space and complementary associations. Understanding art work through music or other stimuli to the senses yields graphic design interpretations that may appear unorthodox, yet are visually exciting on a subconscious level.

Super Synaesthesia

Picture: George Sanen

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