London Greek Radio  

We re-designed and developed London Greek Radio 103.3 (LGR’s) new website, invigorating it with a contemporary and hi-tech interface. If the Gods of Olympus tuned in, Apollo would be proud of their contribution to music and the Greek community. This calls for a celebration…kebabs! ;o)

How Has The Web Changed Business Positively?  

  Over the years, the World Wide Web has become the most desirable tool in the work environment, changing the way business is practised. It connects others with ease instantaneously, in ways that include accessibility and cost effectiveness. The web has not only revolutionised business but also homes, education services, libraries, internet cafes, hotels, hospitals, banks, the entertainment industries, the […]

The Portland Hospital  

Q. How does a hospital maintain its reputation for having the highest standards in the health care industry? A. Through its staff. Q. How does it source the best staff? A. Via a unique filtering system on their website, designed to recruit the most suitable doctors and nurses for the jobs. Q. Who created this website? A. We did because […]