What clients need to consider when commissioning a website  

When requesting a website, there are numerous factors that require consideration for its creation. It is important to communicate your specification to the designers and developers, to avoid incurring any additional charges and maximise time productivity. Websites can take weeks to build, so ensure you clarify your prerequisites during your consultation. Together, clients and the design team process can transform […]

Pizza Express Yourself Rebrand  

Incorporating a fun and practical online recruitment service for Pizza Express, we created a website that fits within their brand guidelines. Therefore, since they say “a leopard never changes it’s spots”, we stuck to stripes, as Zebras do not have that reputation. ;o)

Pure Collections  

We have developed the style guide for Pure Collections, by enhancing it with the functionality of a utilitarian website. This has transformed the accessibility of fashion, offering browsers a direct option to buy products without searching endlessly. Additionally, it offers the service of creating an ensemble of your chosen outfits. Pure Collections has become pure genius in the ecommerce sense! […]