SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Techniques  

(SEO) Search engine optimisation, is a service that increases your ranking online based on your judicious use of keywords, tags, meta-data, navigation, internal links and the content of your website. A conversion objective should be considered for each page, prior to targeting a phrase or keyword. Common conversion goals include: Directing a user to another website via advertising or links. […]

Contrast Ratio Accessibility  

Contrast ratio in web design is the proportional scale in luminosity of the lightest to the darkest colour of the spectrum on your screen. The desired effect of contrast ratio is subject to the capacity of your display system. The combination of light emissions from environmental factors in a room and light reflection from the screen, all affect the outcome […]

White Space  

White space is commonly regarded as negative space. Deriving from graphic design practice where white paper is often used during the printing process, it is the space on the page between markings and other formatting techniques such as text, margins, gutters, columns, figures and illustrations etc. It is important not to refer to white space as ‘blank’ as it creates […]

Colour in Web Design  

As design is an inherent part of website aesthetics, the use of colour is momentous to its presentation. More than 80% of visual information is related to chroma. Web designers should consider the psychological effect that their chosen shades have on the target audience and if it supports the conveyed message of the represented organisation. Some colours evoke emotional responses, […]

PHP Image Resizing Function  

As speed is paramount to website efficiency, image re-sizing is a useful function for generating cached versions of images. The following allows you to define:- The source file (realpath) A destination filename (realpath) Maximum width (pixels) Maximum height (pixels) It maintains the aspect ratio and automatically calibrates how to scale down high resolution images to the desired proportion.   public […]

Zelusi – Magento eCommerce Website  

Digital Mosaic unveil their latest website creation for Zelusi using Magento-the leading ecommerce software currently on the market. Optimising our well being with these health supplements, would make Popeye proud.